At Elite Recovery Retreat, we offer unparalleled recovery care to guests healing after surgery.

We understand that Surgery recovery is a vulnerable time physically, mentally and emotionally.
While our experienced nurses and staff will ensure a peaceful, stress-free environment for your
after Surgery care, we also have a concierge physician on call should the need arise 24/7.

Elite Recovery Retreat’s nursing staff provides around-the-clock assistance for all guests
during their recovery after surgery, ready to assist with:

• Pain management
• Dressing changes
• Continuous pampering
• Meals, snacks and beverages
• Restroom assistance
• Spotting and preventing complications

Gourmet In-Room Dining

Elite Recovery Retreat is more than a recovery place: it is a lavish wellness retreat with in-room dining menus. All meals are delivered directly to your room so you may eat in private. If you require assistance eating, our nurses are ready to help.

We can accommodate requests for soft diets as well as special dietary lifestyles such as kosher, halal, vegetarian, and vegan diets. An extra charge may apply.

Private Transportation To and From Your Surgeon’s Office

From running basic household errands to extensive care for you and your loved ones, our executive and medical concierge program is suited for the individual or family that requires superior, personalized service for all your concierge requests. Our compassion is next to none. Beyond the social importance, international position, or achievements of our clients, we know they are people with needs and preferences, which we can satisfy at an exceptional and highly professional level.

Private Retreat Rooms

All guests recover from surgery in luxurious private rooms boasting:
• Luxurious “Memory Foam” bed with goose down comforter
• In-room spa products
• Flat screen TV with high-definition and On Demand channels
• iPod docking station and Bose radio
• DVD/CD Player
• Soft ambient lighting perfect for sensitive eyes
• In room monitoring equipment
• High speed Internet connectivity
• Working/living areas
• Central location in Orange County minutes from John Wayne and LAX airports

Additional Services

IV Therapy

An exciting treatment method to help facilitate and promote post-surgical healing. During the treatment, a high-concentration of nutrients and vitamins are delivered directly into the bloodstream. IV therapy is the only safe way to receive a high dose of vitamin C, a vitamin that the body requires during surgical recovery. With IV therapy, our expert staff can provide you with post-surgical treatment that helps ensure the success of your procedure.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (off site)

A method of restoring wellness by delivering oxygen to cells with which the blood comes into contact. Medical grade oxygen therapy increases atmospheric pressure and helps deliver oxygenated air to the blood, plasma and body tissues. It safely increases the body’s oxygen uptake by raising barometric pressure and expedites healing. HBOT has even been shown to improve scar recovery.

During your HBOT session, you will lie comfortably in a roomy, state-of-the-art pressurized chamber. You may nap, read, listen to music or even meditate.

3LT Laser Treatment

An FDA approved, non invasive laser treatment that reduces swelling and forming of scar tissue.

Pet Sitting? Of course we’ll arrange that for you as well

Make Your Reservation at Elite Recovery Retreat

Our recovery center is waiting to help you through the process of healing after surgery. To book your room at Elite Recovery Retreat and enjoy the serene surgery recovery, call us at or contact us through our web contact form today.

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